Jesse Baskin


The New Review:


Jesse served as founder, manager, booking agent, and main composer for original eight-piece funk and soul band, The New Review. During its six-year lifespan, The New Review released one full-length album and three singles. Jesse was the sole arranger and composer of music on the self titled album, and he wrote lyrics and vocal melodies on several of the songs. With The New Review, Jesse entertained large, vibrant, and receptive crowds at festivals, such as Friendly Gathering 2017, University of New Hampshire’s Solarfest 2017, Burlington, Vermont Mardi Gras Festival at the famous, Nectars, Jazz Festival 2018 at Skinny Pancake in Burlington, Waking Windows Festival 2018 in Winooski VT, and Arthop Festival 2018 at Artsriot in Burlington. The band, known for their high-energy performances, also played packed and sold-out shows at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall and Burlington’s Nectars, and toured around northeastern United States.


The Kenmore Quartet is a group that specializes in providing music for parties, restaurants, functions, weddings, and events of the like. Although most of the time the band is providing jazz for party goers, The Kenmore Quartet loves to play and is fluent in music of all kinds. From pop, to funk, to R&B, to rock, to jazz, and to everything in between, we have you covered.