Jesse Baskin


Please send Jesse a message to see his current, private reel.

In his experience as a composer, Jesse has created original music for advertisements, as well as library, and multi-media projects such as podcast themes. He specializes in writing funk, soul, rock, folk, jazz, all in lo-fi and vintage, but also modern styles. Jesse’s use of real instruments, including an eclectic arsenal of stringed instruments like an oud, a 1920s Martin tenor guitar, Hawaiian made Kamaka ukulele, and a vast array of guitars, as well as his humanizing MIDI sequencing skills, give his tracks an authentic feel and distinctive edge. 

Library Samples:


A folky, upbeat, fun, ukulele web facebook spot he won for Chapter. An Ad agency out of San Franciso, CA. This video contains all four different animations that will be used. Click on the "F" below to see the spot on "Facebook Marketplace Community" facebook page.