Jesse Baskin


As a guitarist and bassist,I specialize in rhythm section based styles like funk, pop, rock, indie, disco, folk, soul, reggae, and r&b. However, I also have experience and am confident in sound design, as well as orchestral, classical, and string writing. I have a private dropbox folder with recent demo's I have worked on. I received permission from all the music house's I worked with privately share these demo's. If you would like to check them out, please let me know by shooting me a message!

This is the first trap/hip hop song I ever made. This was created to showcase my use of electronic sound design for my final graduation portfolio. 

I've always loved when strings and horns come together in pop music. Especially disco. You end up with two great textures that sound amazing alone, but add such an amazing layer to a song when used together. Writing and arranging this song was very fun because I used it as an opportunity to utilize strings, woodwinds, and brass together in a pop setting. I also found out a classmate of mine played bass clarinet, so I said to myself, "Hey, why not have bass clarinet on my disco track?!"

Here is a Theme and Variation for Piano titled "The End of Days". I wrote this for a final project for a Tonal Harmony 2 class at Berklee. 

A string quintet piece I wrote in a baroque style, titled "Bach You". It is two different takes of live violin I, II, viola, and cello, laid on top of MIDI strings, with only MIDI bass.